Monthly Archives: June 2007

Hail the King

 9-oo-10.jpg9 out of 10


A serious amount of planning and effort has gone into this stunning piece of art. What better subject and media is there, the king and post-it notes, a match to challenge the beckhams.

nb. sorry I have forgotten where I found this image, if someone would like to claim ownership please send me an email

and ill make sure the link is updated.


Post-it Note Jaguar

10-out-of-10.jpg10 out of 10


Is there anything more beautiful?…although someone has way too much time on their hands but major kudos points for effort.

Click the link for the making of.

Post it nutter

  6 out of 10

We’ll kick the site off with this post-it nut. We think he might be getting a bit too up front and personal but really thats between him and the post-its. We love it