Why, oh why?

The underappreciated post-it note. An upsetting sight, difficult to bear.

But all is not lost, (harra), for this site is dedicated to putting a smile back on  the little fella’s face.

Post-it, we love you and your 4 x 3 inches of yellowy goodness

We have an artists impression of what a happy post-it note might look like. So please, help it make it so.


3 responses to “Why, oh why?

  1. put more stuff on this website! its soo good i wanna see more!!!

  2. lol, thanks Joe, Its something I set up months ago and forgot about, just been looking over my old projects. If you have anything to add send it throug and ill stick it up. If i have time I might pick it up again. Cheers for the comment.

  3. Hi,

    Finally tracked you down.

    Lets do it !


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